The Multiples Auckalnd North committee is made up of volunteer parents of multiples. The committee is always in need of new members! If you’d like to give back and join, please email the President.

Kim Metahysa – President

Jaimie Green – Vice President

David Geary – Treasurer

Ariana Davis & Emily Furrell – Events Coordinator

Malama Caskie – Membership Coordinator

Jessica Walmsley – New Parent Equipment Coordinator

Aimee Gale – New Parent Coordinators

Lily Houghton – Playgroup Coordinator

Kirsty Kesler – Toy Hire and Party Hire Coordinator

Jodie McCartney – Equipment Hire Coordinator

Stacey Sampson – Newsletter Editor

Elfrik Metahysa – Website Editor

Stacey Sampson – Hospital Lifeline Coordinators

Nikki Longstaff – Discounts Coordinator

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Multiples Auckland North page
Multiples Auckland North Buy/Sell page